A Waste of Money: 4 Fur Coats That Are Already Out Of Fashion

Invest in furs wisely. Read our material before you go shopping


Choosing a fur coat when you have a gold card is easy – you can always change it to another model. But it is quite another matter when you need to buy outerwear for at least 3-4 seasons. In this case, you should definitely heed our advice:

Pay attention to the style

Anti-trend: fitted models. A fur coat with a belt on the figure went out of fashion a couple of seasons ago. Feminine details in the form of bows on the belt, brooches, and other glamorous details are clearly in flight.

How to replace: loose fit. This season, you should choose straight fur coats or oversized outerwear. If you want to emphasize a slender figure, it makes sense to look at the “robes” – one-cut wrap-around fur coats with a wide belt that can tighten the waist.

loose fit

Look at the quality of the material

Ant trend: “sausage” fur coats. Outerwear made of longitudinally cut pieces of skins is laughter and sin, as the manufacturers say. On the one hand, it is always profitable for a designer to take scraps, cut a fur coat out of them, and sell it at the price of a whole skin product. On the other hand, there are fur animals with a small width of the fabric after cutting – chinchilla, sable, arctic fox. It is better to refuse them or choose the firmware end-to-end.

sausage fur coats

What to replace: a full-cut fabric. The vertically positioned skins can be sewn back to back so that the seams are not visible. At the same time, when layering between the skins, an empty space will not be formed through which cold air passes and cools your body. In one-piece fur coats, it is always warm and at the same time, the body does not sweat, as in artificial material.

a full cut fabric

Don’t forget the length

Anti-trend: auto lady model. Before getting behind the wheel, it will not be a problem for any girl to take a minute to remove her outer clothing and put it on the adjacent seat. Short fur coats disfigure the figure – visually cut the length of the legs and make your body wider.

What to replace: length at mid-thigh or knee. If you are short, choose a mid-thigh length fur coat. A model this length will also accentuate your waist, but will not make your height even smaller. For tall girls, a knee-length is an excellent choice: in such a fur coat you will definitely not freeze, but also emphasize the length of your legs.

What to replace length at mid thigh or knee

Consider the color of the fur

Anti-trend: variegated two-tone fur coats. Chinchilla fox, and silver fox – all this remained in the 00s, when the presence of expensive fur women sought to demonstrate their status, and not take care of their health.


What to replace: plain fur coats. You can stick to a neutral palette – black, white, beige, brown, and gray. Or you can choose a bright fur coat or a sheepskin model with a “color block” applique. The latter option is suitable for young girls who do not want to look older in outerwear.

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