Avoiding Reality: 3 Possible Signs of Developing Dementia

What moments become alarming “bells” for relatives?


One of the most unpleasant conditions that can be encountered at absolutely any age is dementia. Some people confuse it with complete or partial memory loss, although in fact, ordinary forgetfulness, albeit in a neglected form, has nothing to do with dementia.

The danger of dementia is that brain cells in this state are gradually destroyed, but not all at once, but in certain parts of the brain. Therefore, someone cannot remember their relatives, while another suffers from behavioral disorders. The person’s personality disappears completely. We decided to find out what signs in the behavior of relatives and friends in whom you suspect dementia, I can hint at its progression.

Sudden suspiciousness

Of course, it is illogical to suspect the development of dementia in a person who has been showing signs of anxiety all his life, however, those people who have never been distinguished by excessive modesty and suspiciousness suddenly become such, their loved ones have reason to worry. As we said, dementia affects different parts of the brain, so if a once-friendly neighbor begins to suspect you that it is you who litter near the entrance, and generally accuses all neighbors of conspiring against her, there is reason to worry. But if we rarely have long-term contact with strangers, then the problems of a loved one instantly become ours, so it is important to notice the changes in time and turn to a specialist.


A person ceases to navigate in space

Here you need to carefully monitor whether a person really forgets what day it is, or simply does not follow the calendar. As a rule, losing oneself in space is the most obvious sign of dementia. A person can travel to work on the same bus all his life, but one day he will forget where this stop is. But do not immediately make a diagnosis – first, make sure that this behavior really occurs and progresses over time.

Loss of purpose

A person whose brain is undergoing irreversible changes can alert loved ones that every trip to the store ends in nothing. More precisely, the person simply does not understand why he came to the store. Often such a moment can be the first call that should alert loved ones. Loss of planning skills often speaks of disorders in the brain, but dementia is not always the diagnosis, so it is worth choosing a specialist carefully.

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