Came Out Of a Coma: Which of the Artists Was Connected To Artificial Lung Ventilation

Times are tough now – this is definitely not in vain


News about celebrities is again ambiguous – according to media reports, comedian Dmitry Khrustalev was introduced into an artificial coma at the Sestroretsk hospital. It is a pity that he is not the only one who has to and had to go through a trial experience. Woman Hit recalls how it was for other public figures.

Nadezhda Babkina

This spring, exactly on April 1, by a cruel joke of fate, the doctors had to connect the artist to a ventilator and introduce her into an artificial coma so that she would not change her body position. For a long time, close singers hid such a development of events, but anonymous sources told the media about what happened. It’s good that the state of the star has improved pretty quickly. Coming out of a coma, Babkina commented on the situation rather funny. “When I learned that I had been unconscious for a whole week, she exclaimed: “Fuck it!”“, Writes MK.

Maria Simdyankina

Simdyankina, who worked for Babkina as a choreographer, and previously engaged in a solo career, learned about her diagnosis several years ago. The name of the disease, neither one nor the relatives reported. However, it is known that she performed an operation, after which she lied into a coma. ‘The doctors said they were going to disconnect from the machines immediately since the body’s reaction to resuscitation has not been taking more than three days. With the car, my mother managed to persuade her daughter not to be turned off until morning. In the end, the doctors ‘graciously’ agreed not only not to turn off until 8:00 in the morning, but also to stay with the mother with her child … “, wrote her friend, actress Elena Ksenofontova on Instagram. By a lucky coincidence, her blood pressure returned to normal overnight. After the actress came out of a coma and underwent rehabilitation, now everything is fine.

Maria Simdyankina

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk

In September last year, against the backdrop of increased interest in the health of the actress, anonymous sources of the telegram channels Baza and Mash wrote that Zavorotnyuk had come out of a coma. However, the RBC edition, for example, questioned this: “You can get out of a deep coma if it was caused by cerebral edema. As a result of drug treatment, a person can come out of a coma. But if this coma is caused by a huge tumor that occupies most of the brain, then there is little chance that such a deep coma can resolve on its own. Otherwise, it would be a miracle. ” It is difficult to say for sure since the ward and the hospital where Zavorotnyuk is being rehabilitated are under guard.

Alexey Navalny

In the fall of this year, the media’s attention was focused on the state of health of politician Alexei Navalny. In an interview with Yuri Dudyu, he described in detail the situation and the reasons why he suddenly became ill on the plane. Alexey was treated first in a Russian clinic and then was transported to Germany. According to him, during this time even Angela Merkel came to his ward.

Alexey Yanin

In May 2015, the actor became very ill during a meeting with a friend. He was taken to the hospital by ambulance, and a couple of days later they had an operation on the skull. Coming out of a coma, the star could not recover until the second operation. But after it, everything fell into place. “He started talking almost immediately after the operation, of course, we still have a lot of things ahead of us, but he remembers everything. Lesha is back, ”Yanin’s wife said on social networks.

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