Fired Guitarist Stas Mikhailov Revealed the Size of His Salary from the Singer

The musician had to work as a furniture assembler


Vyacheslav Marquez, the former guitarist of the musical group of the singer Stas Mikhailov, told NTV that he received 15 thousand rubles for one performance. The musician stated that he earned a fixed amount of money for seven years. During the month, Marquez took part in 10-15 performances.

The changes began after the announcement of the coronavirus pandemic when Stas Mikhailov and his team stopped participating in concerts. For this reason, payments stopped, and then the ex-guitarist suggested in a general conversation with the team to establish a certain amount of salary for musicians, which would not depend on performances. In response, Vyacheslav was removed from the chat by the singer.

“I had to choose – either I’m a musician or an artist, but without money and hungry, or I’m trying to earn money myself,” the musician said. As a result, Marquez began working as a furniture assembler and later decided to perform at weddings and corporate parties.

We will remind, earlier the ex-guitarist Stas Mikhailov accused him of the lack of support for the musicians during the pandemic. Later, Vyacheslav Marquez apologized to the singer and his wife.

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