Friend of Actress Olga Kabo Told the Truth about Her Divorce

The artist officially divorced Nikolai Razgulyaev


In October, it became known that actress Olga Kabo and businessman Nikolai Razgulyaev filed for divorce. Their marriage lasted over 11 years and seemed perfect from the outside. At all the questions about the divorce, Kabo shakes his head. The artist tries not to show that it is hard for her soul in such a difficult period of life.

The details of the scandalous breakup were told by the friend of the actress. “Now Cabo is winning back the right to living space. Her husband just undressed and took off his shoes. Instead of finding a shoulder in his face, strong and reliable, she got a headache, “- quotes a friend of the star “Express newspaper “.

Olga previously gave two of her apartments to her husband for the development of his business. Then in marriage, she bought another property, but for herself personally. “And suddenly Nikolai has problems, debts accumulate. And this very apartment can now be used to pay off the tailings “, – admitted the friend of the actress.

The Nikulinsky court of Moscow on October 30 terminated the marriage union of Kabo and 60-year-old Razgulyaev. And the × 8-year-old son stayed with the actress. Earlier, the Arbitration Court of the Moscow Region declared the businessman bankrupt. The reason for this was his debt on loans over 360 million rubles.

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