From Prince Vladimir to Yaroslav the Wise

History of political PR in Russia

It turns out that Yaroslav the Wise was not that wise. And Saint Vladimir was a lover of harems and the owner of dozens of illegitimate children. Yuri Dolgoruky only once got into the chronicle and ensured the immortality of his name. And there are such rulers whose only mistake has led to complete oblivion. How did political PR arise in Russia? Listen to the joint project of Vladimir Medinsky and Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda.

The princes Vladimir and Yaroslav the Wise can be considered the winners in the struggle for the best image in legends and PR. We would now have such PR technologists who can rhyme the name and patronymic with the actions of politicians so that their names will thunder in hundreds of years. Vladimir and Yaroslav the Wise became not only the hallmark of Ancient Russia but also turned into an ideal image of a Russian person. But does this impeccable image have a downside? Why does human memory tend to memorize PR moves, turning a blind eye to the true face of legendary, but far from ideal people?

Vladimir Medinsky is helping us to understand this delicate issue. Listen to the audiobook of Vladimir Medinsky “Features of national PR”, part 3

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