Fur Is My Love: Stars Who Are Partial To Fur Coats

Celebrities love to create bright winter looks


The real winter is coming – the purest snow has already fallen in the capital and the temperature does not rise above five degrees above zero. It’s time to walk the fur coat, we have already written about the trends of this season, and today we decided to find out which models our celebrities prefer.

Ksenia Sobchak

The TV presenter has always been distinguished by courage in self-expression and is not afraid to create vivid images. The star is not indifferent to furs, which is proved by her collection of fur coats in her wardrobe. For appearances, Sobchak chooses chic models of fur coats, for example, one of the models that attracted the attention of all fashionistas in the capital was a red fox sleeveless fur coat. Ksenia chose a cropped model, which is relevant for businesswomen who want to combine comfort with style. But Sobchak is not at all opposed to experiments: Ksenia shared with subscribers a photo in a bright pink fur coat, admiring the style.

Anastasia Volochkova

Furs in a ballerina’s wardrobe are a must-have. It is difficult to imagine another chic wardrobe item that would go so well for a star – Volochkova has a truly large collection of fur coats. Secular observers often see a girl in a variety of fur coats, but at the same time Anastasia is faithful to classic models and colors, most often Volochkova chooses fur coats in light shades – from snow-white to deep red or gray. Sometimes the star prefers beauty over comfort, wearing a long, massive fur coat almost to the ankles.


Yana Rudkovskaya

The producer prefers a comfortable length not below the knee, as for the colors, there are no surprises here either – the star chooses classic light shades. Rudkovskaya sometimes decides to experiment with styles, because the star’s wardrobe has both long fur coats and various fur sleeveless jackets, not to mention short fur coats. And yet, most often Yana can be seen in short fur coats – after all, we have already said that business women value comfort in everything.


Elena Perminova

The model is a frequent guest at social gatherings, so the girl’s fur wardrobe is quite extensive. Perminova is not afraid of bright models and boldly wears fur coats of unusual colors, so for one of the exits, the girl chose a green striped fur coat with a three-quarter sleeve. Elena complemented her image with a hat and black leather boots, which made it possible to balance the accent fur coat. At the same time, there are quite classic models in Perminova’s wardrobe, only one thing can be said – the girl never repeats herself and her images cannot be called boring for sure.


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