Gold Or Silver: How to Choose the Right Jewelry for an Outfit explains when you can combine metals and when you shouldn’t


For years, have you believed in the rule that you can’t combine silver with gold? Maybe you still wear earrings, pendants,s and rings exclusively from one set? Forever forget about fashion, which expired in the early 21st century. Modern designers insist that girls learn to combine different metals, but do not forget about the rules – now we will tell you about them:

Practice on mixed jewelry

You need to get used to the new gradually – it will be difficult to immediately change the ten-year attitude of the subconscious. Go to a jewelry store and select a ring or earring model that combines yellow and white gold, or gold and silver. Having got used to wearing such a piece of jewelry, buy a set of rings in gold and silver colors, or bracelets in the mass market – the easiest way to combine them is to combine them. Despite the different colors, both metals are cold in an undertone, so they look great together – wear them along with clothes of the appropriate scale for a stunning look.


Don’t skimp on quality

While gold retains its beautiful appearance for years, low-quality silver, which is considered an alternative for people with low incomes, quickly loses its attractiveness and darkens or turns green. We do not agree that silver looks cheap – a high-quality product is always visible, and it does not change over the years. However, occasionally clean jewelry in a special solution and take it to a jewelry store for polishing. Neatness is the key to your attractiveness and excellent sense of style. It is rightly said that a person will look better neat in a simple ironed dress than in a torn designer outfit.

Do not overdo it

It is important to maintain a balance between decorations. For example, you can combine simple-shaped silver and gold rings without stones, but conservative girls should not wear large and small rings together – you will be frightened by dissonance. But courageous women of fashion can forget about the rules and wear whatever their heart desires, except perhaps not to combine an abundance of rings with large earrings and a pendant – it will be too much even for you. It is best to put on 2-3 thin rings on the fingers and phalanges of the fingers and insert small stud earrings into the ears.


Get inspired by fashionists

We advise you to look for ideas for images in the personal blogs of girls whose style you like. You can also watch shows from fashion weeks, where designers show all fashionable looks on models, thinking them over to the details. Copy the looks at first before you develop a sense of style. Then you will intuitively begin to understand what looks good together, and with which wardrobe items you need to be careful. As for complex jewelry combinations, remember that they only transform simple outfits: a white T-shirt and jeans, a striped shirt and trousers with arrows, a basic cocktail dress, and so on.

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