Home Fashion: Karpovich Showed Home Outfit without Makeup

Outside of work, Miroslava does not really care about her own appearance.

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The star of the series “Daddy’s Daughters” Miroslava Karpovich showed how she looks at home without “war paint”. Earlier, the artist confessed in one of her interviews that it is quite difficult for her to be published without female “embellishments”.

At home, Karpovich takes the opportunity to be who she is. The other day, Miroslava decided to show her real self to the world: on her personal Instagram page, she posted a picture in which she poses in an oversized home T-shirt that hides her figure, a soft blue hat, and no makeup.

Miroslava accompanied the iconic photo with humorous hashtags: “Home Fashion” (home fashion), “It’s all in the hat”, “Boy”, “No makeup” (no makeup).

For some reason, the web did not appreciate such frankness. “Just like a boy. Can’t Pavel see? “,” Pippi Long Stocking “,” Girl, how old are you? ” Face pale “,” Are you 16 again? School tomorrow? ”, “Infantilism is off the charts, “they wrote.

It is noteworthy that Miroslava knows how to easily transform, which she has repeatedly demonstrated from the stage. So, only in a short time, she managed to be a passionate seductress, good-girl, and bride.

infantilism is off the charts

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