In Search Of An Orgasm: How To Understand Your Desires

Anxious thoughts will not allow you to “dissolve” at the moment


Psychologists assure that more than half of women who turn to a specialist in the hope of solving problems with a partner complain about the inability to experience an orgasm, and in this case they only blame themselves, finding non-existent violations. In fact, most women who experience problems in sex do not fully realize their desires and have not found contact with their bodies. We decided to collect the basic advice from sexologists that are designed to help you in this difficult search.

In the rhythm of passion

Many men naively believe that practically nothing depends on the posture, and therefore do not pay attention to the fact that the partner may be uncomfortable or the woman simply does not feel anything. You cannot choose one single pose that would suit absolutely everyone, it all depends on the individual characteristics of a particular woman, and therefore it is important to take into account the wishes of both parties. Do not be afraid to experiment and, most importantly, tell your partner what you like and what you don’t, because a harmonious sex life implies the absence of omissions and a complete understanding of each other’s desires.

Important workouts

All muscles in our body need to be worked out, including the muscles of the vagina. And yet, only a small percentage of women understand the importance of such training, and your comfort in bed with your partner depends on it. The essence of the exercise is that you learn to control your muscles through periodic contractions. As a result, you will improve blood flow in the pelvic organs and make your intimate life much brighter.


But what about breathing?

As we already know, orgasm is muscle contraction, and muscle activity is directly related to the supply of sufficient oxygen to the body. There is nothing complicated here and there are no special techniques, it is only important to breathe a little faster and breathe in as deeply as possible, without holding your breath and thus not creating additional tension. Try it!

Complete relaxation

Menin this regard, it is much easier – they do not always need the right environment to experience an orgasm, and a woman must tune in to intimacy, only in this case intimacy will bring her pleasure. Thinking about a difficult day at work or pondering a shopping list for the next day will definitely not allow you to tune in the right mood and will slow you down, forcing your whole body to involuntarily tense. And we need the “right” attitude, right? Try to create an atmosphere that brings positive emotions and makes you think only of your man – turn on the music that you associate with him, put scented candles in the bedroom, as you and your man love, be sure to ventilate the room to get more oxygen and throw away all bad thoughts. Only with the right mood will your body be ready to give you the long-awaited relaxation.

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