“Mom in the Background Is Fire”: Galkin Showed What Pugacheva Was Wearing When She Accompanied the Children to School

Subscribers did not skimp on compliments to the Prima Donna and children


This fall, the children of TV presenter Maxim Galkin and singer Alla Pugacheva – Harry and Lisa – went to first grade. They quickly got used to getting up early and enjoy attending classes. Galkin himself often talks about this on his Instagram.

And this time, the star father published a photo in which a close-up of Harry and Lisa are captured, and behind them, from around the corner, the Prima Donna peeps out without makeup and in a dressing gown. “To school!” (Hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation of the authors are preserved, – note asiaalert.online), – the host signed the post.

The subscribers immediately showered the artist and the children with compliments: “Apparently they are walking with pleasure”, “Find Alla Borisovna”, “In Alla’s eyes there is such happiness to look at her angels”, “Lizok is such a charming candy! Garik is handsome! “,” Mom in the background is fire “,” Alla greets everyone from around the corner, it’s so cute. “

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