Neurons to Help: Is It Possible To Attract Success with the Power of Thought

Sometimes desire alone is not enough


Everyone wants to get what they want, but only every third person is ready to make efforts. As it is sung: “You are not the first one who wants everything at once, just to take it with you.” Unfortunately, just a desire is not enough, it is important to make some effort, but motivation is one of the key points on the way to your goal. We invite you to find out with us whether it is possible to contribute to the speedy onset of the result with just the power of thought.

The path to success won’t be straight

What do we think about when we want, for example, to become better off? We think where we could get funds directly (find/inherit/win, choose the appropriate option), and now answer the question: did someone succeed? We hardly know such situations, at least among our acquaintances. But do not despair if a wealthy uncle does not write to you, take fate into your own hands. Think about how you could get more, but at the same time acting on your own. Switch your mindset from hopes of sudden success to ways to achieve your goal. Perhaps you have an acquaintance or friend who works for a large corporation or runs his own business, who knows, maybe he is just looking for a promising employee? Don’t be afraid to expand your horizons and think outside the box.

Don’t rely only on thoughts

This may seem obvious, but not everyone notices the following point: there is a huge gap between “thinking about the result” and “doing”. Yes, without craving your thoughts are unlikely to come true, but without your actions, they are just noise in your head. Our ideas are a prerequisite for thinking through and subsequent implementation of what was conceived, creating conditions, but being active in real life can make your idea almost tangible.


A medal always has two sides

A person, blinded by his aspirations, at some point begins to doubt whether it will be possible to implement the plan and come to success if after some time the result does not come? In fact, even if it fails, everything goes according to the plan of the universe. By hindering the achievement of the goal, the world is testing whether you really want to get what you are so desperately fighting for. Very often, it is at the moment of failure that faith in oneself and one’s strengths begin to undermine – a person can simply give up everything in the middle of the path. If at a given period of time you are experiencing something similar, in no case stop and believe in your idea to the end – the darkest night is always before dawn.

The universe protects you

Sometimes it also happens that the result cannot be achieved in all possible ways. And this is also a possible turn for which you need to be prepared. In fact, in this way, the universe can protect you from what you do not need, even though you do not understand it. And yet the universe is not always able to cope with our irrepressible desire, so we do not lose faith in ourselves and our strengths even in a seemingly hopeless situation.

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