Nothing Sacred: For Efremov’s Wife, After an Unsuccessful Attempt at Divorce, It Is Unprofitable To

Release the Actor from the Colony

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A source close to the artist’s family circle accused Kruglikova of self-interest.

Before going to a colony in the Belgorod region, Efremov managed to notarize a property power of attorney for his wife Sofya Kruglikova.

Now the actor’s wife has all his accounts, access to which was previously blocked for Kruglikova.

It was even said that from lack of money a woman would have to get a job, but now she has the right to dispose of all his property.

So, for example, Efremov is the owner of some real estate, including the apartment where the actor was serving house arrest.

Moreover, the savings of the honored artist are in the bank’s cell, and about five million rubles have been accumulated in his accounts. All this is now in the hands of the artist’s fifth wife.

However, how are Efremov’s property, his wife, and the cancellation of the sentence related?

According to a source close to the actor’s family, whenever there is some kind of positive shift in the Efremov case, some kind of scandal arises. This slows down both the work on filing an application for cassation and the process of early release of Mikhail Olegovich.

“It is beneficial for Efremov to sit longer, only for one person – the one who can completely dispose of his property. Right now, lawyers are ready to file a cassation appeal, but instead, they are forced to deal with determining their status, “- the source quoted by” FAN “.

Indeed, due to the constant change of lawyers, the defense of Efremov cannot file a cassation appeal, which will determine the further fate of the actor.

Earlier, the site of Radio KP wrote about a new commotion among Efremov’s lawyers. As the lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky put it, someone from the family deliberately weaves intrigues in the actor’s case, because he really does not want him to be released.

We will remind, more recently, the media was shocked by the news that the faithful wife of Mikhail Efremov is going to divorce the actor. Although Sophia herself flatly refuses to talk to the press, she denied this rumor.

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