The Actress of the Series “Matchmakers” Kravchenko Spoke About the Affair with Andrey Leonov

The artist admitted that she had never experienced such love


Actress Tatyana Kravchenko shared the details of a secret relationship with actor Andrei Leonov, the son of the legendary Yevgeny Leonov.

The artist admitted that Leonov was the first to fall in love with her and behaved like a child. Kravchenko answered him in return. “I have never had such love,” the actress recalled in the television program “The Fate of a Man”.

Yevgeny Leonov did not react in any way to the love affair, but Kravchenko felt that she was “not to the court” in a stellar family. As a result, the actor’s mother forbade him to communicate with the artist. Tatyana tried to meet with Andrei Leonov because she was also in love with him, but all attempts were unsuccessful. “You know how you fall in love when you teach everything. And I taught him everything about amorous affairs, “the actress admitted.

Recall that Andrei Leonov is married and has children. Tatyana Kravchenko was married twice. Her first marriage with the grandson of Vladimir Mayakovski, Vladimir Lavinsky, lasted two years.

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