The Daughter of the Singer Slava Honestly Spoke About the Abuse in Past Relationships

Alexandra was morally depressed


The daughter of the singer of Glory, 21-year-old Alexandra Morozova, followed in the footsteps of her mother: she performs on stage under the pseudonym of Mom’s daughter, records songs. The girl is studying to be a linguist in the fourth year of RUDN University. Sasha, at a certain point in her life, faced self-doubt, and her young man, with whom she was in a relationship at that time, did not support her, but, on the contrary, aggravated the situation. Slava’s daughter decided to talk about the violence she had experienced so that other girls could avoid her mistakes.

Alexandra admitted that she had a serious relationship, in which there were periodical quarrels and misunderstandings. The young man could afford to say too much to the girl. “In the end, when I made the decision that it was time to finish, he simply destroyed me mentally. He called me to swear words, said that I was nothing, worthless and that I would never succeed. And, in fact, I don’t deserve his attention either,” Sasha shared her personal story with Star Hit.

“It was very difficult for me: the man prohibited me even to see my friends. And when I once said that I wanted to take a break in a relationship, I came drunk, broke my phone, and humiliated me so much that I broke down mentally. Then it was the hardest, ”the girl said. This relationship lasted more than a year, just at the time when Alexandra graduated from high school.

Sasha then did not want to leave the house, she closed in on herself. I kept my problems deep in myself, afraid to discuss them with anyone. “Then for me, it was overly personal and painful, I didn’t want to live it all over again. But it seems to me that this story can really help girls like me. Those who face similar problems and think that such an attitude from a man is normal. No! When such things happen, out of inexperience, out of ignorance, we take everything personally, “said the girl.

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