“They Asked How I Could Lose Weight, but I Was Dying”: The Fat Actress Told How I Got In Shape

In 2020, Wilson decided to start eating healthy and exercising.

popular actress loss weight

Australian actress Rebel Wilson, known for her curvaceous forms, has revealed an unexpected detail of her weight loss.

Previously, the star managed to lose almost 30 kilograms. According to her, this happened not only due to a healthy lifestyle.

The actress explained that she reached her minimum weight when she contracted a deadly disease – malaria.

“People asked how I was able to lose weight, and I was dying,” admitted the star.

The Fat actress suffered

She emphasized that after recovering; she made a decision to take seriously her health. She previously hated her appearance and had psychological problems associated with it, Wilson said during a live broadcast on her Instagram account.

“I used my extra weight as a barrier from people so that they did not get close to me,” she explained.

Wilson added that she decided to start eating and exercising right in 2020 as she plans to freeze her eggs. Now the star weighs 75 kilograms and does not intend to stop there.

Earlier, 42-year-old actress Irina Pegova called a universal way that helped her cope with excess weight. Repeatedly meticulous fans of the actress noticed that their favorite does not look at its age.

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