Top 10 Trendy Men’s Looks For the Fall-Winter Season

Model and singer Andrei Volkonsky will help you understand wearable trends and talk about how to integrate fashion items into your everyday wardrobe


Men’s fashion is no less important to representatives of modern society than women’s. A self-confident man wants to look spectacular, but if women can spy on interesting wardrobe items and techniques from each other, then it is more difficult for men in this regard because for many it is somehow not accepted to “dress up”. Model and singer Andrey Volkonsky will tell you what current trends you should pay attention to this season.

When we talk about trends, the first thing I would like to note is the colors. If last season neon was often mentioned, bright and unusual colors, even in the wardrobe of a mature man, today pretentiousness is in the past. Leave flashy colors for accents.

Beige, brown, white, black – all basic, classic colors are required to wear in the cold season.

It should also be noted that the trend towards logomania has declined, which has been so actively pursued by designers in recent seasons, and has fallen in love with fans of street fashion. Today, to mention the brand you are wearing, you should not choose clothes with huge lettering and logos. At the same time, in 2020, the unchanging classics will remain at the peak of popularity: the Burberry check print and the Louis Vuitton logo print.

Basic bow + bright maxi scarf

A long scarf that literally drags across the floor. The size of the maxi has also reached individual accessories, so now they can be found among the giants of the global fashion industry, leading and young fashion designers. A very practical thing: in relatively warm weather, such a scarf can be thrown over your shoulder and used more as an accessory, and in cold weather, you can wrap yourself up thoroughly. This accessory is a good base on which any basic fall bow will hold, provided that the scarf is not black.


Knits with large prints

A large print on warm clothes is one of the most important trends, and your degree of seriousness will not decrease at all if you can correctly combine a bright sweater with a large print and, for example, classic boots and formal trousers with stitching. The drawing can be different, but I would advise you to take a closer look at more avant-garde design solutions.


Finally, this warm material made its way to fashion catwalks, which cannot but please the inhabitants of our not very southern country. I advise you to fall in love with hoodies, jackets, and jackets, and even fleece trousers – this is one of the best materials in cold weather.

Massive down jackets

On the catwalks, such down jackets looked rather caricatured, but this does not mean that such impressive dimensions are needed for everyday life. Remember, the more massive, the more trendy, and most importantly, the more comfortable and warm.


Turtleneck sweater or turtleneck + classic bottom

If there is such an item of clothing that every man should purchase this season, it is a quality sweater or turtleneck with a high collar. In addition to being a versatile basic garment that can be worn with trousers or jeans, you will never freeze in this sweater. By the way, when the weather becomes unpredictable, you can go out in a T-shirt and tie a sweater around your shoulders, this will be a good addition to your look.

Plaid coat

The most popular motif in men’s clothing for the fall-winter 2020 season is the cage. When purchasing a coat for the new season, pay special attention to plaid models. Also, the cage is often found on trousers, shirts, and jumpers. A particularly common variation of the cage on the runways is the traditional Scottish tartan.

Laconic bow complemented by a hat

Hats are a stylish and versatile wardrobe item that has not gone out of men’s fashion for several decades, and the number of variations of this accessory on store shelves is striking in its diversity. In the new season, hats with huge brims and original decor will be extremely relevant. We can say that today no stylish man can do without hats, but this detail of the image must necessarily be appropriate to the person, so its choice should be taken very responsibly.


Emphasis on unusual glasses

The most fashionable glasses of this year are distinguished by unusual shapes that give originality to the image. First of all, these are large sports glasses that we are used to seeing mainly on skiers and other athletes, but this year they can also be seen on city streets. They are distinguished by one continuous lens that extends across both eyes. Glasses with square lenses in the new season fell in love with a huge number of designers and fashionistas, moreover, their shape turned out to be super functional, they completely cover the delicate skin around the eyes, protecting from the sun’s rays that cause wrinkles.

Actual leather jacket

Those who are not ready to deny themselves the pleasure of giving themselves a new leather jacket, but want to find the most relevant option, should, first of all, pay attention to models with fringes. The beauty of this trend is that fringe is a piece that can be added to any season’s wardrobe, so you don’t have to limit yourself to a leather jacket. Plus, it can take on a wide variety of shapes and materials, from leather to yarn. With all of this and its growing popularity, I predict that fringe will become the main fashion trend this fall.

Oversized jacket

A voluminous men’s jacket with a free cut has become the most relevant street trend. The classic blazer is a wardrobe staple – almost everyone has one in their closets – but this year the traditional fitted blazer is starting to lose relevance as top designers offer boxy blazers with long sleeves and even shoulder pads. This exaggeratedly masculine silhouette is easy to add a soft accent – just complement it with loose jeans and trainers.

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