Why You Can Be Deprived Of Your Rights: It Is Important To Know

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Withdrawal of a driver’s license, or, in a simple way, “deprivation of rights” is a severe administrative measure that, without a magic wand, turns a driver into a pedestrian. The scheme is the same:

– Has committed a traffic violation.

– The traffic police noticed it.

– Further, the drawn up protocol.

– Then the hearing.

– And deprivation of rights.

The scheme is the same, you can’t get away from it, but the timing may be different. The severity of the punishment depends on the severity of the violation. So:

Stomp on foot for up to 3 months:

– For hiding numbers or driving without numbers at all.

– Don’t let a car with a flashing light or siren pass.

– For repeated driving of a vehicle that is not registered in accordance with the established procedure.


Did you want it fast? Now on the metro up to 1.5 years:

– Exceeding the speed limit by 60 km or more.

– Mixed up the colors and drove to red.

– Departure to the “oncoming lane”, including the one-way road.

– Departure to a railway crossing with a closed or closing barrier, or with a prohibiting traffic light.

The following drivers will consider the numbers of public transport routes throughout the year:

– Drivers of cars with knowingly fake license plates.

Become an observer in public transport from 3 to 6 months if:

– We decided to get out of the accident scene.

– For installation and driving with a flashing light, siren, or their simulators (for example, strobe lights).

Everything is already very serious here, deprivation for a period of 1.5 to 2 years:

– If you sit behind the wheel in a state of imbalance.

– Entrust your car to a drunk – the license will be taken from you.

– Refusal from medical examination.

– Causing harm to the health of another person in an accident.

– Transport management in the presence of a certificate, the validity of which is suspended.

It is important to know:

– The decision on deprivation of the right to drive a car is made only by the court. A traffic police officer can only be the initiator of such a measure and his competence includes the execution of documents, but not the withdrawal of a driver’s license.

– For violations recorded by surveillance cameras, “deprivation of rights” is not applied at all.

In a word, this: if you want to become a pedestrian, then you do not need to violate traffic rules for this. Better sell your car, and then you will become at least a rich pedestrian.) Joke! Observe the traffic rules and everything will be fine with you.

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